Friday, October 2, 2009

Seafarers Ministry

This tuesday my church gathered together all the caps we have been knitting/ crocheting for the last year. I think the final count was 209, not too shabby! Now the bulk of the work was done by one of the gals Mrs Keel, i do believe she turned out 160! This ministry started in my church about 10 years ago and was headed up by a lovley lady named Mrs. Louise Roundtree. She passed away in 2008 and as her family went through her belongings they found that she had kept records of all the caps she crocheted, i believe the final count was 1700! Amazing, all the time love and energy put into crocheting some warm comfort for sailors all over the globe! It really inspired me to keep this ministry alive in our little church. Id like to get some of our youth involved this year, its such an easy little thing to do, any beginner is capeable. I think my final count was 12 but ill try to double that this year. Happy Kniting all!

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