Friday, June 26, 2009

Goin Back to Cali

Oh how I love LL, that was a simpler time in rap and R&B, but I digress. Ok so I really am going home for a visit, and im super stoked. My G-pa is preparing the beach house for all our 4th of July celebrating. I am looking forward to 5 hours of flying. yes that was not a misprint, I enjoy long flights! As a knitter there is nothing greater than bieng forced to sit still for a while. I have joined two Ravelry swaps in the last week, one is for Amigurumi ( small toys) and the other is a fingerless mitten swap. I realise I only know one pattern for thease, but its time for a challenge there. While in california Id really love to scout the local LYS, there are only two within an hours driving time from my house. Now to get all my clients situated so they wont feel the need to disrupt my solace!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Theatre Pics

Today I've gone thru some of my Picassa files to sort out a few pictures of sets and make-up that I've worked on. The theatre we are invloved in is called the Barnwell Circle Theatre My husband and son are pretty active on stage and I like to keep my contributions behind the scene, if you know what I mean. No the mere thought of memorizing something ,and then getting up in front of a paying crowd to repeat it, fills me with terror. The best part of my involovment so far, is the director tells mewhat they are invisioning and then I am given creative freedom to do what ever I like! Painting without rules? I love it! The posting here is from the set of "Almost Treasure Island" This was an all kids production with a cast of 22 ( nutty if you ask me!) Nonetheless a great set to put together and a really funny script.
Perhaps there is a community theatre in your town? For the creative types, its a great way to contribute to your community and have some freedom of expression as well.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Tunes

On my way to work today ( 30 min commute) I heard the new single out from everyones favorite rapping rabbi Matisyahu. Its a beautiful catchy tune called "One Day" I love his stuff and I really appreciate the possitive message he is portraying thru this much mis-used medium.
im so thankfull to have satellite radio, I lviein the boonies and with out that Id NEVER hear anything new! So we have to wait untill aug for the album release, but I feel sure everyone will be singing this little tune soon enough.Photobucket

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Knit things

I have some time here so I'll try and post up some things ive knit. I have found that small projects are really what I enjoy the most, things I can finish quickly. The one time I actually won a bid on ebay, was for ten skien of Bernat acrylic. I figured this is my chance to venture forth and knit a sweater ( 10 skien is alot!) That was two years ago the stupid thing is still on the needles! Like I said quick knits, hats, toys, scarves and lots of dishcloths! I like felting but my projects always felt out too small or way too big ( who needs a gauge swatch?)
I found this amigurami pattern on . Thease cute little turtles are a great wayto use up left over sock yarn. I must have made a dozen of them to give as gifts.