Monday, June 15, 2009

Theatre Pics

Today I've gone thru some of my Picassa files to sort out a few pictures of sets and make-up that I've worked on. The theatre we are invloved in is called the Barnwell Circle Theatre My husband and son are pretty active on stage and I like to keep my contributions behind the scene, if you know what I mean. No the mere thought of memorizing something ,and then getting up in front of a paying crowd to repeat it, fills me with terror. The best part of my involovment so far, is the director tells mewhat they are invisioning and then I am given creative freedom to do what ever I like! Painting without rules? I love it! The posting here is from the set of "Almost Treasure Island" This was an all kids production with a cast of 22 ( nutty if you ask me!) Nonetheless a great set to put together and a really funny script.
Perhaps there is a community theatre in your town? For the creative types, its a great way to contribute to your community and have some freedom of expression as well.

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