Friday, June 26, 2009

Goin Back to Cali

Oh how I love LL, that was a simpler time in rap and R&B, but I digress. Ok so I really am going home for a visit, and im super stoked. My G-pa is preparing the beach house for all our 4th of July celebrating. I am looking forward to 5 hours of flying. yes that was not a misprint, I enjoy long flights! As a knitter there is nothing greater than bieng forced to sit still for a while. I have joined two Ravelry swaps in the last week, one is for Amigurumi ( small toys) and the other is a fingerless mitten swap. I realise I only know one pattern for thease, but its time for a challenge there. While in california Id really love to scout the local LYS, there are only two within an hours driving time from my house. Now to get all my clients situated so they wont feel the need to disrupt my solace!

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